'Orange is the New Black' season 3

So, the third season of 'Orange is the New Black' was fully available on Netflix two weeks ago and i was really waiting for it, despite the second season being a little meh for me. Anyway, i started watching it and the first episodes were kinda dull, it was nice but nothing as great as the perfection that season 1 was until you continue watching and then... wow. It catches you barely without knowing it, and then you can only binge-watch the whole thing until it's over. And damn i finished those last eps fast.


The third season picks up right where it was left (a 'Previously on Oitnb' would had been nice), so that's why at first it's not really entertaining or doesn't keep you guessing what's gonna happen. But a few interesting things happen on S3 that are quite great. First, the thing that really strikes you is that they make you like characters that you loathed before. Well, not maybe loathe but definitely didn't like. Characters like Pennsatucky who was the devil on S1, but here we see her backstory and her plot turns out to be quite heartbreaking; teaming her up with Boo was also something really nice as i didn't really like her either but she took good care of her and it was super sweet.

Another one who i got myself surprised liking was Soso. Sure she was annoying last season but here she spoke up her mind and even though she got it rough, as she was bullied by Leanne and everyone turned her back on her provoking her suicide attempt, she finally ended up well and being accepted by Poussey, Taystee and co. and she got what she really wanted: friends.

Alex Vause, was another one who i didn't think i would ever like, but my disgust for Piper was so great that i couldn't but feel for the Vause. But what happened to her?

Caputo was another one, as we see his backstory and feel sorry for him for being the eternal loser for doing things right. But well, he made up his mind about that towards the end and started to think more about his check than for his original passion that it was the well-being of the inmates.

Apart from these new found love for certain characters, this season has been filled with more heartfelt stories than ever, like the one with Pennsatucky as i've already mentioned, or the one about Maria, a minor character for now, but we saw how her babydaddy wasn't going to bring their daughter to prison anymore so she couldn't see her baby until she was out and her pain and acceptance of that.

Also, Burset had it really tough this season, as she got in a fight with Gloria and practically the rest of the inmates turned her back on her. She even was brutally attacked in the most hurtful way they could. Noone stood up for her and it was really sad as she never had problems with anyone and she hadn't really done anything wrong.

Daya also had it really complicated though she started off really good by getting engaged with Bennett as the birth of their baby girl was approaching, but she found herself abandoned by him (he literally flew off the map), and she also found out that her mother tried to sell her baby to Pornstache's mom, no less. But she finally made up her mind about her baby and kept it and kinda reconciled with Aleida.

One story that really had a happy ending was Morello's love story with her penpal Vicent Muccio that ended up in a wedding (as she always wished for!). Sure she went through numerous pen dates but the ceremony was really emotive, despite being married in prison, and her saying the lyrics of Foreigner's song 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' as her vows was something beautiful.

And while some things have changed for better (still i wanted to see more of Maritza or Williams), others still the same or worse, like Piper. Fucking Piper. You love to hate on her but damn she's working on it. First she cheats on Alex when she most needed her, just because she was paranoid about everyone and wasn't as lovely needy as Piper wanted. And now she thinks she's super gangsta with her dirty panty business and she kinda is at the end because she fucked over another character that i love to hate now that it's newbie Ruby Rose. I simply never dig her or didn't get the fuss about her (everyone in tumblr is drooling over her), but well, thanks to Piper we're gonna see her more in the next season.

As for the finale episode... it was the best one from the season. The epic scene of all the inmates running through the open fence to the lake nearby was so liberating, so amazing that i got a lump in my throat because it was simply beautiful, a moment of complete freedom for them that it hit you hard. It was by far the best scene of the whole show, it made you emotional just like it was for the characters, it made you tear up a bit and feel as happy as them, and it was epic, precious and an absolute 'This is happiness' moment. I could go on and on about this scene because it's stuck in my head but as you have seen it, you know what i'm talking about.

As for what's coming, it looks promising, with celebrity Judy King coming to Litchfield, Ruby Rose not getting out and Piper all gangsta now, so bring me season 4 already because i want Muccio more of this show.

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