Bitch I'm Madonna

As many of you know, Madonna has released the music video of her third single from her new album 'Rebel Heart'. 'Bitch I'm Madonna' is an instant hit, it must be her best song of the album and i'm my opinion she should have released this track as the first single but well, better late than never.

The video... Well, lots of cameos by famous people (the Jon Kortajarena cameo is mint) but all aside, is ok. I expected more from this vid and it reminds you to the performance she made singing this song in The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon that was amazing, and the music video is totally the same idea though live and the result is way better. That live performance is no longer on youtube, i'm assuming since it's because it's so similar to the actual music video they removed it, but you can watch it in daily motion, so watch the vid, the Jimmy Fallon performance below, and bonus, Madonna, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots covering her old hit 'Holiday' that it's amazing, such a funny and cool cover that you can also watch below, so enjoy the Madonna fest:


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