'Game of Thrones' season 5

(A dance of spoilers!)
What a season, what a season. Many say that s5 has been weak, slow and not as good as the other ones but i highly disagree. A lot happened. Everything happened. So that's why i'm making a list (more or less in chronological order) of the biggest events that have happened during this season. Many are from the absolute stunning season finale but as you will see there has happened a lot before. Let's begin after the cut!

We start with such an amazing opening for this season with The Wars to Come (5x01) and Cersei's flashback scene to her childhood. That was amazing. Not only what she was told turned out to be real but also how great was the young actress playing Cersei? She totally nailed it. This is probably one of my favourite scenes from the season because it was so creepy and yet so true. In fact, a younger and more beautiful queen took everything from her and of course she couldn't leave things like that though she makes a bad turn and ends up incarcerated as well. But we all enjoyed that moment and how Maragery threw shade at her.

Mance's death on the season premiere The Wars to Come (5x01) was also another big moment. Mance got sentenced to death burning in flames by Stannis (he does like fire) but with the luck of having Jon Snow putting an arrow into his heart to release him from such a painful death. I started to like Jon Snow a bit better after this, of course that couldn't last long but it was really honorable and he gained all my respects.

Another ending scene that was nail-biting was Kill the Boy (5x05)'s final scene where Tyrion and Jorah enter the ruins of Old Valyria and they got attacked by the Stone Men with Jorah getting a first sign of gresyscale on his hand. As if he didn't have it difficult enough. Not only he's forever friendzoned by Daenerys but he gets exiled from Mereen. But thanks to him we got the new allegiance Daenerys-Tyrion that, i'm guessing will end up in marriage as her other two suitors cannot marry her for not having a higher position.

Sansa got married again in Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (5x06) and we all know what she got coming. Little did Sansa know that Tyrion Lannister would be her best husband to date. I never really expected for her to be deflowered like that, in a scene like that, so awfully painful. The whole moment was horrid to watch because you felt bad for her and she even had a witness to that brutal moment. Ramsay is a psycho and let's hope he has a long painful death.

Another key scene of this season was when Stannis goes crazy in The Dance with Dragons (5x09) and burns his only living daughter Shireen in order to conquer Winterfell. Noone saw that coming, in fact, some episodes earlier he finally acknowledged her as his daughter, thing that he never had done before turning out to be a really sweet moment. So all this was really horrid to watch because we all liked little princess Shireen. Also, it was nice to see that her mom wasn't all that crazy in the end and she tried to save her from the fire.

Jon Snow rescuing the wildlings or at least a few of them was an epic ending scene for the Hardhome (5x08) because of reasons. It put to shame any zombie movie or tv show out there because it was just so terrifying and nerve wrecking. And not only the chasing and nearly death of Jon Snow but also the very ending, with the Wildling Elders bringing back to live all those who they have killed and adding them to their enormous army. It's a lost battle and it must be so scary to think you can die and turn into one of them. Fucking epic scene.

Another ending scene that was superb, and probably the best scene out of season 5, was the ending of, of course, The Dance with Dragons (5x09), where Khaleesi reopens the fighting pits and she gets ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy. The whole scene, starting with Ser Jorah noticing everything quickly and saving Daenerys was amazing, followed by the whole scene of them fighting against a multitude until Drogon comes to mommy's rescue and they (amazingly) fly away. That was so amazing to watch, such an awesome scene.

And now we come to the very ending episode that was Mother's Mercy (5x10) – Take note how much has happened before this episode (for those who say nothing happened this season until the last ep.). Where do i begin? First we got the sad ending for Myrcella, such a precious princess that was in fact living her fairytale dream (everything that Sansa wished and didn't have). It was refreshing to see someone getting a happy ending but Ellaria and the Sand Snakes couldn't just let it go and poisoned her right when she accepted Jamie as her father. That was really sad for her and especially for him, because he got the guts to come clean to his niece/daughter and received the response he had always wished. Not even the Lannisters can be happy.

And talking about Lannisters, what do you tell me about Cersei's walk of atonement? Even though we all love to hate her, that was torture for her. You could only feel sorry for her because it was so shameful ("Shame, shame!") and so embarrassing for Cersei that i liked how she only broke down once she arrived home. Another great moment that will not easily be forgotten by her.

One that mayyybe has a happy ending after all (fingers crossed) is Sansa. She almost got killed by Myranda (Ramsay's bitch) but Theon finally came to his senses and saved her by pushing the whore down a balcony. After coming clean with his secret of not having killed off Sansa's youngest brothers, and by helping her escape, let's hope Theon makes amends and takes care of my precious girl. She has gone through enough.

Another Stark girl who didn't have as much luck was Arya. She surely killed the first person on his list, Meryn Trant, in a scene that we were all expecting but we all got surprised about it. But she got punished for stealing from the May Faced God and ended up blind, which was kinda traumatic, like the rest of scenes she had during this episode. But she was fucking pierce until that.

And what about Stannis getting abandoned by the majority of his army and most important of all, by Melissandre? What a coward fake witch she turned out to be. Let's hope Brienne de Tarth is well and she has indeed ended with Stannis' life. Or at least she's not dead as we didn't see what really happened. So many loose ends for next season!

And now, let's talk about Jon Snow. I didn't see that coming in a thousand years. I really thought, as many others, that he was a key element of the story as many say that he was not Ned Stark's son but his sister's Lyanna's baby that she had with Rhaegar Targaryen and Eddard accepted him as his bastard to protect his sister and the kid. That was a really amazing theory but it's all useless now. Anyway, his death was so unexpected to me that i can't quite believe it. I think we we're all expecting for something to happen in that last shot, or even that he came back to live as one of those wildling creatures but nothing. But i kinda know something that will happen or not on the next season, as the actor has confirmed to EW, so read that for some semi-spoilers. But it was a perfect ending for a really decent season that, as you see, was filled with lots of plot twists, deaths and agony.

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