Top 10 Movie Theatres around the World

This list is so fantastic that i had to post it here. It's a top 10 of the best movie theatres around the world and some are really astonishing. From cinemas with beds instead of seats, to outdoor screens or drive-in theatres, i got to admit that i would die to watch a favourite movie on any of these (well, maybe not in a cinema like number 6 but well). Anyway, take a look at all these marvellous places because it has to be a pleasure be in one of them. The full list after the cut!

1. Hollywood Studios California
This drive-in theatre gives nostalgia feels at all those classic drive-ins i saw in movies. Despite the original source claiming it's located in California, another source says it's really Disney World's Sci-fi Dine-In theatre, but anyway, it's a really great place. I've never been to one these drive-in theatres so one outdoors would be my dream movie date.

2. Olympia Music Hall, France.
Now this theatre is like watching a movie at home from bed. I don't know if it's really comfortable, or if it may cause some snores while watching the movie, but it is really original and it must be an experience. 

3. Pula Arena, Croatia.
This is really astonishing, being in such an iconic place watching a classic movie has to be a pleasure. Imagine watching 'Ben-hur' there or 'Gladiator'. A total pleasure.

4. The Odyssey, France.
I'm guessing this is a special screening of 'Life of Pi' but i might be wrong. This has to be also a really great experience, and even in 3D, which i'm not really fond of but the occasion is really worth it.

5. Electric Cinema, England.
This looks like a deluxe theatre, super comfortable and even with an old school vibe. This has to be a great place to watch some old Hollywood movies.

6. Hot Tub Cinema, England.
This one must be fun but not really my cup of tea. It looks more like a party with a film playing on the background but i would also go and watch a movie there, just to try something different.

7. Transatlantyk Festival, Poland.
Now this is my cup of tea. There's nothing better than watching movies in bed, and unlike cinema number 2, this is a more private experience and something more comfy. Definitely one of my faves from the list.

8. Film on the Rocks, United States.
Just like cinema number 3, this has to be really amazing and even with such a large crowd. It looks more like a stage for a band but anyway it has to be something unique.

9. Orange Cinema Club, China.
This doesn't look any close to the amazeness that are all the other theatres from the list but it might be also cool. Still, i would have put this on number 10.

10. Ugc de Brouckere Grand Eldorado, Belgium.
Because number 10 looks more astonishing than number 9. Despite being only a theatre with a really great setting, i'd rather watch a screening here than in the Orange Cinema Club. But who am i kidding? i would love to go to any of these theatres so choose your favourite and let me know.

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