Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea 'Pretty Girls'

I was really expecting the 'Pretty Girls' music video, Britney Spears' collaboration with Iggy Azalea, because the song is as catchy as it can be and with those lyrics, it had to be something fun. And it is. Some are complaining about the video but 'Pretty Girls' is a silly pop song, with dumb lyrics, so the vid had to be as ridiculous as it is.

 Located in the 80s (that's a win with me), every single thing on the video is so absurd it's fabulous. It kinda gave me 'Clueless' and 'Barbie Girl' vibes and even though the cellphone part is some obvious heavy advertisement, the rest is simply fantastic. Enjoy this video as what it is, something bubbly, fun and silly, like bees to the honey because "We're just so pretty!"

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