Bar Luce by Wes Anderson

I die. Wes Anderson has exclusively designed a cafe as part of Prada's Fondazione Prada in Milan's recently opened art and cultural centre and it's a totally gorgeous place.

Anderson is known for it's pretty and cool aesthetics on his movies so no wonder Bar Luce was going to be such a great place for all those dreamy Wes Anderson's fans. From the jukebox, the 'Life Acuatic' pinball machine, to the pretty design of the chairs, sofas and floors, and the detailed Bar Luce signature on every dish and uniform, the director has described this cafe as "the perfect place to write a movie", and it definitely is.

If i ever travel to Milano, which i've never visited yet, don't ever doubt that i'm visiting this cafe and taking tons of pictures as the ones i'm posting below from instagram users, it couldn't be a more dreamy place to have a cafe and spend a nice afternoon with friends. Check out more pics after the cut.

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