It's series finale time! (part II)

It's already time to discuss all the other seasons finales that i've seen from shows that i needed to catch up or have had finales recently, so just like i did before with 'Broad City', 'The Comeback', 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Hart of Dixie', let's do some recap. Spoilers aheaaaaad!

New Girl (season 3) - I can't understand how this show has been renewed for yet another season. I like it, but i think it has lost its freshness. I actually only watched it when i had nothing else left to see. Still, the finale was a really great episode and with really interesting things coming ahead (they linked Schmidt's proposal to the first season so that made me excited about it, and also, Jess and Nick again). I think this season has been really weak and most episodes are disposable but maybe in season 4 (probably its last) they will get the show back to how funny and cool it was and wrap it up in a nice way.

Barely Famous (season 1) - Now this was a nice surprise. I heard from this new show from a friend and also because of the amount of celebs appearing on it and little did i expect this show to be this good. I mean, it's nice as a comedy but as a reality show - what it pretends, it's really genius. I liked Sarah Foster on '90210', she really does great playing bitch so she was great on this. This show is such a great parody of reality shows and Hollywood that even if you don't watch them you will love 'Barely Famous'. Give it a watch because it's really a funny, witty, guilty pleasure.

Cougar Town (series finale!) - Even though this show needed to end, i'm going to miss this bunch of weirdos. It is hard at first to get hooked on this show, the characters are very particular and everyone has their own sense of humour, but once you do, it's fantastic. And it's a grower. Maybe the last season was its worst, but i really recommend this show. Their love for drinking wine at all hours, their changes in the meaning of words ("Change approved!"), Ellie mocking Laurie always, Laurie's amazing stories about her life, Bobby's penny can, Bobby's and Andy's bromance,  Tom's creepy but kinda adorable ways, Jules' collection of big glasses that 'passed away' during the seasons... Everything was funny, witty, and made you feel good when watching it. It's a kinda underrated sitcom so that's a shame but it ended in a super nice way and had a great finale.

Grey's Anatomy (season 11) - This season has passed quite fast for me, i didn't realize it was close to the end until the very end. But so far it was interesting with the case of Nicole Herman (played by the flawless Geena Davis), the loss of April's and Avery's baby (i liked that how he reacted to her during the finale because everything was all about her and never him) or Meredith's and Alex's closeness. But the stellar plot has been, in fact, Meredith and Derek. His death was unexpected, and the way it happened was so sad, all alone in a hospital far from home, that it was good old Grey's. It was up to the greatness of some of the first seasons' finales and the carousel scene, played over and over on Meredith's mind, was very on point. I like 'Grey's Anatomy' because they always link everything to the past, and there's never a loose end. I expected though, that they would mention Cristina at some point, because you know she would have been there like a rock besides Mer if she was still on the show. But well, i'm glad that there's another season coming. Maybe it should be its last, but they keep making things so good i won't complain if there are more.

sources: wikia & bustle

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