Things that mattered in 2014

This year Elie Saab's Spring/Summer collection blew me away but also the gorgeosity of Ralph & Russo's Spring Couture, designers i didn't know about:

But most recently, the one that amazed everyone with its beauty is Valentino's Sala Bianca Haute Couture, all in white and so delicate and immaculate that i'm even posting the finale of its NY show because, look for yourself, it's beauty in movement:

I have to admit that i haven't watched many movies this year and i had to catch up with some of 2013 because they hadnt been released here. So, i'm including a few from last year that are really worth it but my number 1 of the year has to be 'Under the Skin':

Under the Skin - this blew my mind in so many ways that i still have it on my head. That epic ending, the photography, the Mica Levi OST that creeps the hell out of you, Scarlett Johansson's touching performance, the devastating truth of what the movie wants to tell the viewer is something not everyone fully appreciates. Truly one of the weirdest movies out there and that makes her even more special and unique.

Her - What can be said about Spike Jonze's modern love story at this point? It really touches you in ways you can't comprehend and also you can relate to the loneliness of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) so much that it kinda hurts.

Short Term 12 (Las vidas de Grace) - Another film that was released on 2013 but i have to include it here. I already talked about it but i couldn't recommend this movie more because it's so touching and beautiful that will steal your heart. And you have a good cry with it as well which is not bad at all.

Nymphomaniac - As a full movie with both of its parts, it really works out. Because if you only watch the first part and then the second, this last one is a little weak. So it's better to watch the complete movie because Lars Von Trier's latest and most polemic movie is something that explores sexuality as well as human nature and the result is kinda great. It has a weak ending but overall i really liked it.

Palo Alto - Gia Coppola's directing debut is worth mentioning because without being a great story, it really depicts today's youth – its boredom, failed aspirations and the not so certain future they have in front of themselves. That's perhaps the greatest thing about the movie, it really captures that time as it is and she also does it with a lot of taste and pretty images. Beware of what's to come from the newest Coppola director.

Boyhood - i was really looking forward to watch it and i have to admit that i really liked it. It shows you how we're only a series of milestones and that we, more or less, we all go through the same process when growing up, as simple as that. I really loved Patricia Arquette's performance and the OST is really amazing but now i can't wait for Richard Linklater to make a 'Girlhood'. Please, it has to be done.

TV Shows
This year i discovered two shows that are already among my favorites like the hilarious 'Broad City' (please watch it because it's really something else) and 'Looking' which is so full of feelings that i barely can't stand it.

Apart from those, 'Game of Thrones' continued to be fucking amazing starting with that epic second episode 'The Lion and the Rose' and its OMFG ending. 'Girls' continued to be something that really gets me to the core and that is very dear to me (with the 'Beach House' ep being the epitome of epic) ;  'Grey's Anatomy' had a really good start after the departure of Cristina Yang's character so i still have faith in the show. 'American Horror Story: Coven' was fucking flawless despite the haters and 'Freak Show' started really bad but it's gotten better and it's fun to watch. And 'Pretty Little Liars' continued to be the guiltiest pleasure ever, which is good.

On the other hand, the much awaited season of 'Orange of the New Black' was a little bit OK, not bad, but not as flawless as the first season but i'm still gonna watch it like crazy when a new season comes out. 'True Detective' was worth watching but somehow i didn't love it as much as everyone else. 'True Blood''s season finale turned to be surprisingly good despite the ending and other shows ending next year are the feel good series 'Hart of Dixie', 'Awkward', which is not as great as it used to be, and the always funny 'Cougar Town' which i will really miss. 'New Girl' though was kinda OK, nothing really surprising. And i finally quit '2 Broke Girls' because it turned to be really boring and it has basically no plot so why bother.

1. Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

2. CrazyP - Heartbreaker

3. Beck - Blue Moon

4. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

5. Freeform Five feat. Roisin Murphy - Leviathan

6. Wild Beast - Wanderlust

7. Madonna - Living for Love

8. Kevin Drew - Good Sex

9. Miguel - Simple Things

10. Caribou - Our Love

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