GIRLS' season 4 trailer

The other good thing about January (apart from 'Looking' being back with its much awaited second season) is that 'Girls' is back too with its fourth season! It's been a long way for this mess of young women but this show seriously gets me to the core and i can relate soo much to many of their stuff –despite many things being kinda ridiculous, i know. But apart from those, i think the show is really accurate when it comes to portraying friendship between women and relationships or at least there is where i can see myself the most.

Anyway, so far the trailer looks promising, i can't tell which season was the best one and which one was not as good (i'm guessing s1 was the best one for being the first and most original) but all three seasons have had something that made me want to keep watching and that's the important thing. Episodes like 'Welcome to Bushwick aka. The Crackcident' from season one, 'Bad Friend' from season 2 or the amazing 'Beach House' from last season, make me love this series even more. I can't wait to watch it and do my usual post with my fave moments and scenes from this new season (as i did with season 2 and 3) but i'm not in a hurry to watch it and make it end anytime soon.

So take a look at the trailer and get anxious with these girls, i still have faith in Lena Dunham despite all the hating the show gets, but if you don't get it then don't watch it.

sources: seat42f & youtube

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