"If you need me whistle"

The loss of Lauren Bacall the other week means that there are nearly no actors from Hollywood's Golden Era left. She was the latest super star, the last one holding all that glamour that it's so rare to find nowadays in other thespians.

And, one cannot remember Bacall without referring to one of Hollywood's biggest love stories, hers and Humphrey Bogart's romance. They have to be my favourite love story back then, and this photoshoot taken by Martin Weiser for the film 'To Have and Have Not' really shows their chemistry together. They had barely just met for this movie and you can tell how in love they already were.

So i'm posting below the shoot to remember this iconic couple and their famous movie quote "If you need me whistle", (Bogart gave a whistle as a present to Bacall as a wink during the filming of that movie and when he passed away, he was buried with it), i bet she did whistle when she passed away.

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