My So-Called Life (1994)

My most favourite show 'My So-Called Life', premiered 20 years ago this week, and how was i not going to talk about it? Seriously, i watched it back then and it rocked my world, such a good show about adolescence, so truthful to reality it hurt, and to this day, no other show has achieved that.

It was unfairly cancelled after its first season but it received so many fan letters asking to bring it back that they nearly got it around for a second season but Claire Danes had already signed to star in 'Romeo + Juliet' and the filming never happened. But anyway, one season and the show remains ageless and iconic to those who have watched it and i had to, of course, dedicate a post about it.

 After the cut i posted some stills that i liked, i couldn't find many from Ricky (probably my fave character from the show) and it's a shame, but you can watch one scene that it's pure bliss and that i loved from him here and if you haven't watched this show, please do, it will still get you even if you have left your teenage years behind, as it happened to me when i rewatched it a few years ago. Beware because you will end up obsessed with Jordan Catalano:

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