Leighton Meester's Heartstrings

It seems that Leighton Meester is finally releasing her album, i'm saying finally because it's been years since she's been talking about it, but nothing ever came out. She released a few singles from time to time, some collabs and played some gigs there and there, but now she has released the first single 'Heartstrings'  from a new album coming out in October 28th with the same title and the song is simply fantastic.

I've always liked the sweetness of Leighton's voice and this song is really making me have great expectations about this album, it sounds really melodic and personal, and different from what she's done before; she released some pop tunes like the 'Good Girls Go Bad' with Cobra Starship or the single 'Your Love's a Drug', but both didn't sound like her compared to her first released solo track 'Birthday', which is super catchy and not your average pop song, so let's hope the album goes in that direction.

So take a listen to Leighton's new song 'Heartstrings' here or below and also to 'Birthday' because it's totally my jam. More beautiful music from Leigh Leigh on the way!

sources: leightonsig & youtube

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