Top 10 Garbage songs

Garbage have surprisingly teased with new music on their website and it seems that a new album is coming, which is super good news. It's true that their latest two albums 'Bleed Like Me' and 'Not Your Kind of People' were not as superb as their debut, 'Version 2.0.' and the underrated 'Beautiful Garbage' but one can only hope. Also, Garbage's lyrics always get me to the core and i love these weirdos so new music is more than welcome and i'm already excited about it.

So, ahead of this upcoming release i'm doing the unbelievable difficult task for me to try to make a Top 10 but, i'm gonna do two different top 10s because Garbage has super powerful songs and awesome ballads, so two lists for them. I haven't included b-sides because they're so awesome i might do another top 10 some day for them but i have included covers this time.

Go ahead to to get teased and enjoy both top 10s with some of my favourite lyrics after the cut!

1. Only Happy When It Rains
I'm riding high upon a deep depression

2. Vow
Like Joan of Arc coming back for more

3. Queer

4. Stupid Girl

5. Push It

This is the noise that keeps me awake, my head explodes and my body aches

6. Special

7. Cherry Lips

8. Nobody Loves You

I cracked a piece of broken glass

9. Hammering My Head

10. The World is Not Enough

No one ever died from wanting too much


1. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

2. You Look So Fine
I want to break your heart to give you mine

3. #1 Crush

4. Medication 

5. Cup of Coffee
I want to ask where I went wrong but don't say anything at all

6. Wild Horses (cover)
So let's do some living after we die

7. Drive You Home
But they see me so large that they think i'm immune to the pain

8. Sugar

9. Thirteen (cover)

10. Milk
And I am cool, cool as the deep blue ocean

sources: garbage & youtube

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