New Erna and Hrefna by Ariko Inaoka

I've been expecting the new photoshoot from Ariko Inaoka with identical twins Erna and Hrefna for quite a while now, since she's been photographing them for years.

The result is always so dreamy, creepy at times but the good kind of creepy, and there's really something about them that makes you want to take a look into their own personal world, that seems so secretive and unknown to us. Ariko is determined to capture their singularity until they turn 16 so there are a lot of shoots coming. Because they dream the same dreams sometimes and they seem like creatures from out of this world, enjoy the rest of the photos that i've posted and take a look at many more at the source.

sources: arikoinaoka

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  1. Aquestes fotos són super curioses i màgiques, i el projecte de fotografier-les durant tots aquests anys es una idea súper interesant.