'We Exist' Arcade Fire

 I watched this new music video early in the morning the other day and i shouldn't had to, because it crushed my whole entire day.

The video is a 'Dallas Buyers Club' meets 'Precious', and i really loved the pain it depicts, and while i'm not a fan of Andrew Garfield, mainly because of the new 'Spiderman' saga (never liked this superhero anyway), his acting was better in 'Never Let Me Go' and here he really shines. The look on his eyes while he's at the bar and he sees the old couple dancing, aiming to have that one day and how difficult that is to him (i'm referring to him as male as i'm talking about the actor, not the character) is something heartbreaking.

I'm really loving Arcade Fire's latest videos, like the live version of 'Afterlife' (that was much better than the official video) and this one is really great as well, so enjoy but be careful because it can crush your soul:

Daddy it's true, I'm different from you
But tell me why they treat me like this

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