Top 10 favourite TV couples

Buzzzfed made some time ago a list about the TV couples you wish were real so i decided to make my very own, but instead, of my fave TV couples ever. I'm a serious TV-addict, so this was a big deal to me, so here you've got my Top 10 TV couples from 'Friends', 'Gossip Girl', 'Lost', 'Skins', 'The O.C.', 'Sex and the City' and more, check them out in non specific order after the cut: 

Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne 'Twin Peaks' - Oh my, these two were something that, unfortunately, never was. There's no need to mention how iconic was this tv show, but 'Twin Peaks' is still to this day, one of the best shows ever and the romance between Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne could have been beautiful, but Kyle MacLachlan decided it was not appropriate for an agent of the FBI to be romantically linked with an underage girl so the writers heard him and dismissed any chance of them getting together. Not that sultry Audrey Horne didn't try (my fave character of the series, btw) and there was definitely some innocent flirtation on his part, but in the end they linked each other with other people and it was frustrating. Still, the very last words coming out of Audrey Horne before the bank blowing up were "Call Agent Cooper" so there's that. But still, even today i'm still mad that they didn't end up getting together because all that chemistry went to waste. Not cool, Kyle MalLachlan, not cool.

Mulder and Scully 'The X-Files' - These two were the epitome of teasing, it took 7 seasons for them to end up together, so everyone didn't give a damn when they finally did. They were really meant for each other, both focused on their work, with no life outside that and really getting and caring for each other. They simply didn't know or didn't want to believe (I want to believe!). But it was all a complete tease. From the, getting jealous when they paid attention to someone else, to some really naive flirtation, nearly in every episode that mattered -  because let's be honest, no one cared about all that FBI conspiracy- there was some kind of hint or touching or something that kept people wishing they would kiss already or something. But it took way too long and even when they had a baby together, no one really cared then. Still, it's fun to re-watch and see that chemistry going, that even the actors were said to have in real life.

Angela and Jordan Catalano 'My So-Called Life' - This is my favourite tv series, so you can imagine. Angela Chase having a crush on that strange hot guy from her highschool, the one who lays on the wall and closes his eyes hard, like it hurt to look at things. And she got him! Everyone was rooting for her and everyone was happy when they got together but Jordan Catalano was high maintenance and Angela Chase was better than that so when he tried to persuade her to have sex, she didn't allow herself to succumb to the pressure and decided to end it. Still, the whole Angela dreaming about him, hoping that he noticed her someday, was really well pictured, as anything on this show. I don't think there's another series that depicts teenage years better than this one, and in the 90s no less. My fave show, as i said.

Carrie and Aidan 'Sex and the City' - Yeah, team Aidan all the way. Sure Carrie and Big had their moments, and i was happy when they got married in that low key wedding at the end of the first movie, but Aidan was something else. He was super nice, took good care of Carrie, he treated her well, which was something she definitely didn't appreciate. And his proposal was the sweetest thing. Sure he tried to push her into marriage but only because he deeply knew she wasn't going to settle down with him. The scene were both are dressed up in their best suits, and break up it's one of the best (and saddest) moments of the show. I liked though that they met in the show some time later and he moved on and even had a baby, but didn't like the fling they had on the second movie, which i always pretend doesn't exist. But anyways, team Aidan always, no matter what.

Richard and Monica 'Friends' - Sure the shows' favourite couples were Ross and Rachel or Chandler and Monica, and they were nice but i had a real soft spot for Monica and Richard. There was something about Tom Selleck, don't ask me what but there was, that made him really charming and attractive and i liked how Monica and him got together. He was really sweet and he really took her off her feet and i love that. Of course, in the end, the age gap between them mattered and eventually split up but they were such a good match while it lasted.

Seth and Summer 'The O.C.' - Just talked about them in the 'Re-watching 'The O.C.' 10 years later' post. But overall, they were super cute, super fun and everyone loved them together.

Sawyer and Kate 'Lost' - I never understood why they tried to make Jack and Kate happen when she was obviously a better match with Sawyer. Both understood each other better, they both had tortured souls over their pasts and had amazing chemistry (that cage sex scene, hello?), but somehow the writers paired her with Jack and Sawyer with fucking Juliet. Apart from the finale, the biggest flop from this show was this.

Jal and Chris 'Skins' -I know the audience's favourite couple was Sid and Cassie, and they were one of my faves as well, but i really liked Chris and Jal better. I liked both characters separately and how they came together, with the pact of not saying 'No' or 'Fuck it'. They really made each other better and they had it tough. No less, Chris died and that was super sad and heartbreaking (someone on fotolog spoiled that for me so i couldn't believe it). Also, the part of Jal getting an abortion because of Chris' hereditary illness was something that you don't usually see on a teen tv show, and it's one of the things why 'Skins' was so fucking fantastic. And the funeral scene was also devastating but so beautiful at the same time, this show's two first seasons were absolutely flawless.

Drogo and Khaleesi 'Game of Thrones' - Ok, no one liked them at first, but once Drogo became more soft and loving to her... they were amazing. He was such a force, such a beast, his masculinity was something animal but at the same time he was tender with his queen and she also gave herself completely to him. It was sad when he died, but that only made her stronger and more fierce than she already was but honestly, they calling each other 'My sun and stars' and 'Moon of my life'... was something breathtaking.

Dan and Blair 'Gossip Girl' - This still hurts, no joke. I have already extendedly talked about how they ruined this show with the Gossip Girl reveal and how ending Dair was a big mistake. Sure there was a majority of the audience that preferred Blair with Chuck, but they were the most obvious choice and there was nothing new about them, so that sucked. I really loved how at first Dan and Blair made no sense and little by little they started to make all the sense in the fucking world, so i don't understand why they made them beautifully happen to discard them so suddenly and in favour of Blair with Chuck. For me, the show ended on those MET steps so don't know why i get so bothered by all this.

So, what are your fave tv couples? Do you agree with mine or highly disagree? Discuss!


  1. Molt bona idea aquest post!

    Coincidim totalment amb le més favorita: Angela i Jordan - the guy who leans on the wall and closes his eyes hard, like it hurt to look at things <3, mítica frase del pilot. Els adorava. I l’altra favorita de les primeres series que vaig veure eren Buffy i Angel. Encara que ho van liar molt amb el spin-off i històries. Joss Whedon me la va jugar, com McLachlan a Twin Peaks! No sabia això… not funny, no. A The Walking Dead està passant igual amb dos personatges, espero que deixen que vajen junts i no facen un Twin Peaks, però no tinc molta confiança.

    Lost, no podría estar més d’acord! Jo flipava amb Jack, quina ràbia... Sawyer era <3; A GoT, eixa parella va ser lo millor de la primera temporada per a mi, va ser terrible quan va morir.

    The X-Files, mai he vist totes les temporades completes, he de fer-ho! Però se notava la química, sí. El Duchovny a Californication m’agrada moltíssim amb Natasha McElhone.

    Seth i Summer eran perfectes. De Skins, eixa va ser curiosa, però la meua favorita eren Effy i Freddie, i després Cassie i Sid.

    I altres que m’agraden, Justin and Rebecca de Brothers & Sisters, i a True Blood m’encantaven Bill i Sookie els primers episodis, però quan va apareixer Skarsgard em vaig fer Eric/Sookie shipper. A més pensava que farien com als llibres.

    GG no els vaig arribar a veure'ls junts, però ja et vaig comentar que volia que el Dan es deixara a la Serena per ella.

  2. fas un posts taaaan guais, m'encanten tots. d'aquesta llista em quedo amb carrie + aidan. forever in love with them. és una pena que ella no sabés apreciar-lo perquè era un amor i la tractava super bé. la summer i el seth també son dels meus preferits. no he seguit la serie mai pero he vist mil videos a youtube d'ells i eren super cute. el dan i la serena a la primera temporada de gg em van encantar. a ell se'l veia super enamorat i la veritat es que vaig gaudir molt de la seva relació (només a la primera temporada, ja et dic). una altra de les meves parelles preferides és izzie + alex de greys. eren un amor, sobretot perque ella treia la millor part d'ell. la seva boda va ser preciosa i em va fer plorar molt jajaj. en el fons espero que ella torni alguna vegada a la serie. la rory i el dean de gilmore girls tambe van ser molt monos a la primera temporada. eren uns crios pero m'encantaven. ara mateix no recordo mes parelles, segur que n'hi ha moltes més que m'agraden i ara no em venen al cap, ja et diré si se'm acuden.

    petons dear x