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If there's something that i really like, is the brand Wildfox, not so much because of the clothes but because their attitude towards life. They always have a positive message printed on their clothes, something cool, something cute, and the brand's founder, photographer and designer, Emily Faulstich, is really an inspiration to me. The way she looks at life and her photographs is something that i adore, and her project The Happy List was something really special.

Emily requested to anyone who wanted to participate, to send their happy things in order to create a list with the ideas of happiness from people all around the world and the final result is something super great. I submitted a few, which i don't remember and i don't know if they made it onto the final poster, but i've been lucky enough to win one poster and i'm super happy. It's a list or simple pleasures, of little things that make people happy, and it's a joy to have it home. So, i'm creating a small list of my personal delights below (which i'm sure will be updated because i keep adding things) and be sure to follow Emily on her Tumblr and Instagram. Because it's the small things that make us happy.

Blowing bubbles
Playing with my puppy
Going to sleep with the sound of the rain outside
Hot sun during Winter days
Wrapping presents
Sunkissed skin
Strawberry mojitos
Staying late awake at home during hot Summer nights
Haddaway's 'What is Love'
Riding bikes through the countryside at night
Junk food
Laying in the sun
Big hugs
Watching movies till late at night
New shoes
Chatting with my girls
Singing Happy Birthday
Cinema Thursdays
Looking at the moon
Having a baby falling sleep in your arms
Getting hooked on a tv show
Buying socks
Re-reading a favourite book
Pink colour
Listening to music in the car
Croissants on Sunday mornings after a night shift 
The smell of strawberries
Siestas with my dog
Earlybird's filter
Beach nights during Summer
Singing a song that i love out loud
Buying flowers
Browsing pretty things on Tumblr
Picnics with my friends
Being inside a car when it's raining
The fair at night
Pink skies

sources: my instagram

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