GIRLS' season 3 best moments and scenes

 For many, this season has been one of the best ones from this tv show, but i don't know if i have been distracted or something but i haven't felt as invested on this series as i used to be. Still, is remains one of my favourites so, as i did last year with season 2, i'm listing my fave moments from this third season, in no specific order, spoilers ahead!

First things first and let's talk about the episode that really stands out in the season, and i think we all agree that it's 'Beach House' (3x07). This episode from beginning to end is 100% what i love about 'Girls', the ability that it has to create moments that we can all relate to some extent, and i fucking love that. The scene in the kitchen where Shoshanna starts lashing out at all of them, with Hannah and Marnie getting into it, and letting everything out, it's priceless. Sure Jessa didn't say much, she's not as invested in their friendships as the other three are, but Shosh stating how all they ignore her and that she could do better, and Marnie saying that she can't lower her expectations with Hannah anymore was kinda like a time bomb about to explode. And, for once, i'm with Hannah when she says that one shouldn't expect nothing from their friends. This is probably my favourite 'Girls' episode alongside the 'Welcome to Bushwick aka. The Crackcident' from S1 and 'Bad Friend' from S2.

Another important episode from season 3 was the 'Free Snacks' (3x06) ep. Here we see Hannah at first delighted to have a job where she's been paid and, more importantly, where she can have all the delicious snacks she loves for free, but soon she realises that it will only stuck her in that place and she will not be able to continue with her writing. The ending scene where she realises that maybe she won't be able to fulfill her aspirations as a writer is one of the lowest moments we've seen Hannah, and one i think nearly everyone can relate to, having a profession that is not what you really want to do in life, and having to accept that is tough.

A great character that this season had is Caroline, Adam's little freak show of a sister (played by none other than Samantha from 'Now & Then'!). Apart from bringing chaos whenever she goes, we got to see another face from Adam. Anyway, in the 'Dead Inside' (3x04) episode, and while Hannah, Laird and her are wandering through the cemetery, Caroline tells a really moving story of how when he was a kid, Adam stayed by the side of his little cousin when she was dying and even took her to a school dance. But it turns out she made up the story and, while Laird was sobbing, Hannah didn't even shed a tear because  she's insensitive like that. The fact that at the end of the ep. Hannah uses that same story as if it was hers states how Caroline is not the only one who's bananas in this show.

Another great moment happens during the 'She said OK' (3x03) episode when Hannah turns 25. And it's a music moment no less. So Ray is sitting there, listening to Smashing Pumpkins' 'Today' out loud after bumping into Shoshanna at the party and telling her that they can't be friends, because that wouldn't feel normal to him after what happened between them. Anyway, he's there, enjoying the song until the DJ changes to another tune (LMFAO, for God's sake), all because someone else requested it and he goes to confront David, Hannah's editor, to tell him the importance of queue and how no one should ever switch a song until is finished. It ends up badly for Ray but well, him, stating how important was that song in that moment for him, and what a great song that is, is really why I really like Ray.

Another moment that i liked was when Hannah, accompanied by Adam and Shoshanna, goes on a road trip to pick up Jessa from rehab in the 'Truth or Dare' (3x02) ep. Apart from having a lot of funny scenes between Adam and Shosh, i liked when they finally meet Jessa and they find out that she didn't need them to take her out of that place. Jessa disappeared some months ago and Hannah tells her off about it, because she cares about her and she just keeps vanishing from her life from time to time, and makes Jessa understand that. Deeply, Hannah cares for her and she's probably the only ones that really does, and that was a moment between friends that i could relate to. Too bad Hannah pretty much forgets about Jessa towards the end of the season.

A friendship that doesn't seem to improve no matter their "BFF status" is Hannah's and Marnie's. Sure they tried to work things out when drunk in the 'Beach House' episode ("I am OK. I might not seem OK and I might not be OK now, but I'm like, okay") but it became more obvious in the episode 'Incidentals' (3x08) with Marnie being sad about Ray's dumping her and not being able to tell Hannah why she was crying. This is a parallel scene to season's 2 'Boys' (2x06) episode when Hannah and Marnie are unable to talk to each other on the phone, so they're stuck in that same place where they continue to be friends more out of habit than because they really are. Also, this ep. introduced us to the very great song by Miguel that i can't stop listening to:

The ending of 'Beach House' (3x07) was also one of the stellar moments of this season, from the waking up the following day and having breakfast like nothing had happened, which is pretty much what happens in families after a loud argument, to their dance routine at the very end which was superb. This episode is definitely why 'Girls' is worth watching.

Another episode that really stands out was the 'Flo: Love and Death' (3x09) ep. where Hannah returns home to visit her dying grandma. Aside from the very great scenes with her cousin and aunts, there's a scene where Hannah's mom tells her that she shouldn't settle down with Adam, not because he's not a nice guy (he rushes to be by her side when he learns about the car crash, how cute is that?), but because he has not figured out his life and she doesn't want that burden for her daughter. Her mom doesn't care about how caring he is or how happy Hannah might be with him and she defends that. Probably towards the end of the season, Hannah changes her mind about that but it remains unclear. But it's something all moms do, no matter how happy you might be there's always something that they can ruin for you with their opinions. And i think here it does in the long run.

When it comes to Jessa, this season started really good with her trying to get clean, but i didn't like when she relapses with Jasper and that not any of her friends cared about that, even though they were aware of it. In the 'Role-Play' (3x10) ep. when Shoshanna tells her that she looks like a yonkie and she admits that she is, you can tell how miserable and alone she really is. Not one of her friends are really concerned, not even her cousin. And you have to just feel sorry for how alone she is.

Another toll of Hannah's and Marnie's friendship happens in the 'I Saw You' (3x11) episode, when Hannah bumps into Marnie and Ray having sex because "Everything is my business". You can tell how both are just waiting for an opportunity to demonstrate the other that she's not as good as a friend and she thinks. Usually is Marnie who never does anything wrong and Hannah is the fuck up so sure Hannah is happy to have discovered the secret affair between her and Ray, so she can tell her: "You will never judge me again." It again shows how their friendship is not a healthy one and they're constantly trying to prove what a failure of a friend the other one is.

And we get to the finale, 'Two Plane Rides' (3x12), where Shoshanna finally explodes after not being able to graduate because she has been distracted and the reveal of Marnie telling her that she has had sex with Ray. All her world is upside down and when she finally opens up to Ray about how she loves him and wants him back because she's a better person with him, is something super sweet but also heartbreaking because Ray doesn't feel the same. Such a shame we didn't get to see more of Shoshanna this season but i liked the result. She had it coming.

And about the finale, with Hannah and Adam breaking up and Hannah getting her acceptance letter from Iowa... First, it was unfair that Hannah told Adam about the letter right before he went on stage but i seriously think, she did in on purpose. Of course Hannah never thinks about anyone's needs before her very own, but i think she did that so he had an excuse to break up with her so it would be easier for her to make the decision to move away. It might not be like that at all and she's simply just done with her trying to be there for Adam and supporting his passion, but we can't tell for sure. What is certain is that she's happy with the acceptance program and that it seems she's gonna take it.

So far, this season has been good, it started really nicely but somehow i didn't like the last few eps as the ones before. I kinda think the two previous seasons were better but i can't wait to see what's coming. Iowa bitches?


  1. yay esperava aquest post! a mi m'ha molat molt aquesta temporada, sobretot a partir de 'beach house' que, com has dit, és de lo milloret de la temporada. m'ha agradat molt veure-les totes amb problemes de veritat i la manera en la que els han portat. la jessa és una de les que més m'ha agradat. la passada temporada no em va molar molt però veure com intenta superar la seva adicció i com sembla que només la hannah es preocupa per ella, ni tan sols la shosh que és sa cosina. el final seu va ser molt wtf, trobo que la història amb la fotografa estava poc desenvolupada i com tot massa ràpid. la marnie ja saps que no m'ha agradat gens. puc entendre que estigui perduda i sense rumb i que no sap que fer amb la seva vida (a tots ens ha passat o ens passa) sobretot perquè a primera vista ella ho tenia tot; la feina perfecte, el nòvio guapo, etc. però això de que s'enrotlli amb els ex de les seves amigues no ho trago, m'ha semblat molt forçat i que anava molt de victima (boo!) i ha sigut una pesadilla per totes, sobretot a 'beach house'. la shosh ha tingut molt poca historia però el seu final ha estat brutal i molt trist. espero que això serveixi perque a la seguent temporada tingui més protagonisme. amb la hannah tinc relació amor-odi. en general no m'agrada però el seu final va ser guai. l'adam ha estat una mica egoista aquests ultims capitols amb el tema de l'obra i trobo que ella no s'ho mereixia sobretot perque li ha donat suport en tot moment. no se si en realitat ella va provocar que trenquessin pero m'agrada que, despres d'estar enganxada a ell durant tota la temporada, el tema d'iowa la motivi i la faci feliç. ja tinc ganes de veure la seguent temporada encara que segurament fins al gener de l'any vinent :( keep calm and go to iowa! jajajaj

    petonets dear x

  2. A mi m'ha passat exactament com a tu. Com que el ritme de les altres em va tindre més enganxada. Però des de Beach House m'ha agradat més. Eixe va ser el meu favorite, la discussió entre totes i l'escena del final em va encantar. Mítica Girls ja <3

    De Hannah, tampoc em va agradar gens que li diguera això a Adam abans de l'obra... altre detall més del seu egoisme - boníssim lo del cementeri també. Em va agradar molt el moment de la foto a la party, Adam i Desi amb cara de ràbia per les discussions amb la parella, i el Elijah tractan de sortir haha. Adam crec que ha madurat molt - dins de les seues excentricitats.

    El moment de Smashing Pumpkins i Ray <3 de fet, la seua frase sobre les relacions crec que al primer episodi, ha sigut la meua favorita. Per ser secundari ha tingut moments molt deep. Lo de Shosh... em va caure regular a la segona, però em va posar trista veure-la al final d'aquesta. I lo de Jessa, molt trist com han passat d'ella. Em va encantar a la rehab el cameo de Kim Gordon as Mindy "meth face", pobre haha. I el de Felicity Jones, que m'haguera agradat que sortira més... com el Michael Zegen.

    I Marnie, no m'agraden algunes coses, però no puc odiar-la perquè sempre m'ha agradat el personatge... al primer episodi quan estava mal per lo de Charlie i menjava per menjar, pobre. I ara crec que és un mess.

    Molt bona la cançó que has posat de Miguel, em va agradar molt eixa i la de Blue Moon de Beck <3