Last year it was announced that there was going to be a reality show based on some users from Instagram that were living life as the rich and fabulous and the idea didn't sound too good, i mean, an Instagram casting? But let me introduce you to my latest guilty pleasure:

'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' follows the vacant daily lives of a really wealthy gang that lives for instagraming and tweeting every single detail from their shopping escapades, their fabulous partying and their luxury life where selfies are a big deal just like 'Likes' on IG and Twitter. As shallow as this might sound, it's really amusing to watch because they are living in a complete different reality and they are very funny while doing so. Plus, the fabulous son of Magic Johnson, E.J. Johnson, appears on the show (not as often as i would love to) and that's really worth watching. 

Season 1 is over and there has to be a season 2 on the way because this is way too funny to miss. Check out behind the cut some very important lessons in life from these #SORRYNOTSORRY rich kids:





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