Marc Jacobs' Daisy by Sofia Coppola

Marc Jacobs has released a new ad campaign for his perfume Daisy, and watching the advert, i think everyone can guess that it's directed by Jacobs' longtime friend and muse, Sofia Coppola. This ad is so 'The Virgin Suicides' like, it reminded me of that scene where the boys are daydreaming about the girls laying on the grass, with Lux jumping around while Cecilia writes on her diary, it's simply visually gorgeous and so Sofia-esque that i love it.

This time we have model Ondria Hardin walking through a green field in a summery ad that really captures a fresh and delicate mood and makes it delicious for a perfume ad, Sofia Coppola is mastering the art of perfume adverts, right? After Miss Dior Chérie now comes Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and we aren't complaining. Enjoy the beauty:

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sources: virare, pinerosolano & youtube 


  1. ADORO Daisy, una de les meves fragàncies preferides. L'anunci és molt cute, molt Coppola i, com tu dius, molt The Virgin Suicides. La veritat és que la Sofia sempre dirigeix anuncis super monos. El de Miss Dior Chérie sempre serà un dels meus preferits.

    Petons dear xx

  2. Les campanyes de Daisy sempre han sigut les meues favorites del Marc Jacobs. Havia una de fa prou anys amb la Kate Moss i altra modelo, que era adorable també <3 amb aquest estil, molt Corinne Day, que la Coppola també sap transmetre. M'ha encantat, i com diu Mar i sé que per a tu també, el de Miss Dior Chérie, el primer, sempre estarà al top 3 d'anuncis per mi.