Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

(Spoilers, obvs)
i started watching 'Breaking Bad' out of the hype that it came with its last season. The plot didn't really attract me that much but i had to watch to find out what the heck happened with this show. I remember it got a shitload of Emmys from the beginning and well, i have to admit now, after having watched the whole thing in less than two months, that they were all worth it.

The show starts really slow, the whole rhythm of the plot development is so slow that made me want to quit a few times during the first season. But now i know that it was all planned to the millimetre, it's true that if i had watched the show from week to week, i wouldn't have noticed the slow pace, but now i really think that it was all accurate and took its time to slowly develope so everything could fall into place towards the end. It's a show that has full closure, in all aspects, and that's brilliant. The acting was also superb, everyone owned their characters, everyone was lovable and hateable, which is weird for me. I'm used to watching shows where i can relate to a character or a situation, but that didn't happen here. For starters, i'm a true Walter White hater from the beginning. I just couldn't with his everlasting speech of, "I'm doing this for my family," as if, his intentions for me, where clear from the start. THANK GOD Skyler rolled her eyes hard in the finale with that and he finally admitted the unsustainable, by that point, evidence:
"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really, 
I was alive."

Only for that, i can hate a little less Mr. White. But, seriously, all his schemes to get with his way no matter what, no matter how many lives he destroyed, most importantly, Jesse's, were merciless, and that wasn't likeable to me. All those people glorifying his relationship with Jesse are out of their minds or have seen a different show because, he really ruins the kid. Yeah, Jesse was supposed to be the bad guy and he turned out well thanks partly to Mr. White's support but this guy nealy put him to the ground, he destroyed his life in every possible way just for the benefit of his plan, and there's nothing admirable about that "friendship".

Apart from that, this tv series is nearly perfect plot-wise and in character development, it had some really OMG-over the edge scenes and as i said, it's full circle, there are no loose ends and that's the way to end a show. Hats off to 'Breaking Bad', i didn't expect to like it as much, to bring me so much rage with Heisenberg, but i really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

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  1. La veritat és que jo al principi sí m'agradava White/Heisenberg. I crec que inclós a quasi tota la serie menys les dos últimes temporades on ja perd tot, dins de que és despreciable en molts moments anterios també, però m'agradava molt el personatge, encara que no m'aniria amb ell "de copas" diguem. I el Cranston era un dels actors més infravalorats, thanks God que va fer aquesta série, perquè es mereix tots els premis que li han donat. Ara, com et vaig dir, apart de lo del ritme, etc., estic d'acord amb tot el que dius de Jesse. I Jesse sempre m'ha agradat moltíssim. Sobre tot més encara des que comença a viure pel seu compte, etc., I tot el que li passa amb la familia... de fet crec que li va treure protagonisme al White a molts moments i que l'Aaron Paul també va fer un paper genial. Oh i Saul i Mike, eren molt favorits també.