The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins

I recently came across the work of Canadian photographer Petra Collins, a 20-year-old artist who usually works with Rookie magazine, and i simply adored her portfolio of The Teenage Gaze. It has a kinda 90s mood about it, some melancholy and some The Virgin Suicides and Larry Clark's Kids vibes if i may add, or at least it made me think about them when i was browsing this particular set of photos.
It really captures that time during adolescence of being alone in your bedroom, staring at yourself in the mirror, or hanging out with friends, spending time in our own private world, the eternal boredom, as well as the feeling of being trapped in highschool, the feeling of not belonging there. 

There are far more pics at the source but enjoy the ones i liked best after the cut, enjoy the beauty and the bitterness of going back to highschool.

sources: petracollins


  1. Love it, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Wow! Coneixia la primera i un parell més per la Rookie magazine però no moltes altres i hi ha un parell impresionants. La de la xica plorant i l'altra en el cotxe em recorda també a Sofia Coppola a Lost in translation i The Virgins, que com has dit les de la high school tenen eixe vibe de les Virgins i de les pelis de Clark. Crec que és com una moderna Joseph Szabo, m'encanta, a més és molt All things Fetiche aquest post :)