'Flowers in the Attic' remake trailer

The long awaited (at least for me) 'Flowers in the Attic' television movie remake has finally a trailer out, and i'm not sure what will come out of this but so far it looks, accurate.

The story is about a recent widow who goes back to her strict parents' house with her children and has to hide them in the attic in order to make amends with her father who has no idea of the children's existence. This book has a lot of twisted plots and it seems this new television adaptation is including them all – unlike the 80s movie adaptation that kept the incest out– and while the trailer looks like a hot mess, i'll watch it no matter what, because i loved this series of books. 

The television movie has a really nice cast with Ellen Burtsyn as the evil grandmother, Heather Graham as the mother of the kids and Kiernan Shipka as Cathy and i can't wait to watch it. It will premiere sometime in January 2014 but take a look at the trailer, kinda spoilery if you aren't familiar with the story, but well:

sources: ew & youtube


  1. Hey there! I'm back! hahahah...

    No sabia de l'existència d'aquesta pel·lícula, però tinc ganes de veure la kiernan fora de mad men. l'adoro a aquesta nena, si va pel bon camí trobo que arribarà a ser una bona actriu. i l'ellen burstyn sempre és fantàstica, a veure què tal.

    com va tot? veig que estàs al nord passant el finde. adoro el pais basc, si no visqués a catalunya probablement aniria a viure allà. petonets xx

  2. Can't wait either! Estic d'acord amb Mar amb que la Kiernan a mi també m'agrada molt. I l'Ellen Burstyn és genial, i Heather Graham també m'agrada prou, a més que l'història és molt forta però és genial. Vaig veure no fa molt la versió de cinema dels 70 o per ahi que van fer, i em va agradar, espero que aquesta també.