'Blue Jasmine' (2013).

(Spoilers) Last time i watched a new Woody Allen movie, 'To Rome with Love', i despised it. It makes you consider why he doesn't take more time between projects (he writes and directs a movie per year), because let's be honest, that film was awful. But 'Blue Jasmine' is something else. We're talking good old Woody Allen, funny but devastating stuff in the end. The Woody Allen that we fell in love with.

Cate Blanchett owns the movie, if there was anyone else out there that didn't dig her as an actress, this is where she shines her most. As if the role was written with her in mind. Her portrayal of this now broke New York socialite that has to start again without wanting to give up her luxury lifestyle is flawless. Because this movie is darker than one might think while watching, even for some it might come as a surprise in the end as viewers can get lost in the comedic part of the movie and don't pay attention to the signs of depression. We're witnessing the decay of someone who simply doesn't want to accept her new life, someone who daydreams about the time when everything was perfect and she was oblivious to anything else out of the perfect life she has created for herself (from Janet to Jasmine). Because for her, ignorance was bliss, the most perfect life she could have. She just can't stand this new reality and that's why in the end, in that heartbreaking scene, she finds herself alone talking to strangers, finally loosing her mind and living more in the past than in the cruel present she refuses to live.

I can say that i loved 'Blue Jasmine', it leaves you a weird feeling with that ending scene, but that's something that i adore after watching a movie, that it gets stuck in your head for days. As I said, good old Woody Allen with a for sure Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category, or at least it should. Be careful while watching because 'Blue Jasmine' can break your heart.

"Anxiety, nightmares and a nervous breakdown, there's only so much traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming."

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  1. No l'he vist encara, però té bona pinta. De fet, encara que adoro el Woody Allen comic, la meua pelicula favorita seua és Another Woman, i és precisament de les més dramàtiques. Gena Rowlands owns the movie, i suposo que aquí passarà el mateix amb Blanchett. A mi Blanchett m'encanta des que la vaig veure fent d'Elizabeth. Crec que és una mica injust que només tinga reconeixement dels Oscars com actriu secundària, però bé també passa amb Michael Caine, i altres boníssims actors i actrius, ja sabem com són els Oscars. I no sé si l'has vista, és una peli per molts fans de Dylan, al menys a mí com a fan em va agradar moltíssim, però a I'm not there fa un paper increïble també.