'Afterlife' by Arcade Fire directed by Spike Jonze at the YTMAs

i know it's late to post this due to internet standards, this was up the other day so it's already old news, but it was so grand that i had to post it here. Spike Jonze directing a music video during a live performance of Arcade Fire's 'Afterlife' at the YouTube Awards with indie actress Greta Gerwig, dancing the pain away of the break up that narrates this song. In other words, perfection. To put on such a show live, like it was a musical it's genius and only Spike Jonze could do such a beautiful thing.

Also, the song is flawless, i haven't liked 'Reflektor' that much, it's kinda of a let down after the previous Arcade Fire albums but this song makes it up for everything. If you haven't already watch it, do it because this is superb:

Can we work it out? If we scream and shout till we work it out.
Can we just work it out?
Scream and shout till we work it out.
Till we work it out, till we work it out.

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  1. No ho havia vist! Així que mai és tard perquè poses coses que així m'entero jo de tot ^^ haha Love Arcade Fire (no he escoltat el nou disc però he vist comentaris com el teu, al menys aquesta cançó sí m'ha agradat) i Spike Jonze, i la Great és massa, m'agrada molt eixa actriu i com t'he posat per the blue room, estic desitjant veure Frances Ha. M'encanta el ball que fa aquí, què bona!