It's Witches season! The top 5 witch covens.

Halloween is coming and it seems that witches are everywhere, on TV shows, in the big screen and i love it. There's a Best Witch Movie list on imdb and it's pretty accurate, with some classics like 'Rosemary's Baby', 'Suspiria', 'The Crucible' or 'Hocus Pocus' but here are my top five witch covens in movies and TV shows because when witches don't fight, we burn:

American Horror Story Coven
Ok, so far, we've only seen three episodes but damn, it looks good as hell. I like this show, it always starts really good and somehow towards half of it, it becomes this big mess but hopes are up with this new season. Because how can you go wrong with such a storyline and with such a female cast: the superb Jessica Lange always, Kathy fucking Bates, flawless Angela Bassett, the always great Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe, rising star Taissa Farmiga, lovable Jamie Brewer, badass Gabourey Sidibe and fierce Emma Roberts? That should be about enough.

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The Craft

"Light as a feather; stiff as a board" These four girls were every teenagers' witch fantasy, to become a witch in highschool and do whatever they wanted. But this is witches gone wrong, because power can be a dangerous thing and they all have a taste of that. It's cool being a witch and get your revenge on those who once bullied you, but one thing everyone knows is that magic used wrong backfires. Still, the movie is really cool, with the forgotten Fairuza Balk (seriously, what ever happened to her?), Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney and Rachel True.

Practical Magic
Another teen favourite of mine, it had Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock playing sisters, no less, and with Stockard Channing (pink lady from 'Grease'!) and Diane West playing their aunties. It also featured a young Camilla Belle (who played Sandra Bullock's younger witch self) and an equally young Evan Rachel Wood (playing one of Bullock's daughters) and showed how magic goes from generation to generation. This time, they had to deal with a family curse that will make them live forever alone and with no love and it's a really, really, nice movie to watch with so many great ladies. Totally underrated.

The Witches of Eastwick
Being a witch in the 80s and with Jack Nicholson as your mentor, was no easy task. Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer are three best friend divorcees who see all their wishes granted by Nicholson and they all are seduced by the flamboyant magician, until they realize they can do better without him. The problem with this movie is that effects are a bit silly and old sometimes, but still, it's a really fun and nice film to watch and it has a flawless cast, so nothing can go wrong with that.

Las brujas de Zugarramurdi (Witching and Bitching)
I'm including Alex de la Iglesia's latest movie because i've recently seen it and it was better than i expected. As a witch movie is cool, it has some flawless ladies from Spanish cinema like Terele Pávez, Carmen Maura, María Barranco, Topacio Fresh and even Carlos Areces and Santiago Segura as witches (that's superb) and the movie is really funny and entertaining. Here, all witches are cannibalistic and haunt a group of thieves. The problem with this film, and with all of Iglesias' movies, is that it starts really well but towards the end everything is a big mess, but still, i recommend it, just for laughs.

So, tell me, which are your fave witch covens in movies or tv shows? Did you ever play with black magic in highschool?
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  1. M'encanta aquest post! De AHS vaig veure anit el primer (vaig un poc late amb els series aquest any) i ja estic desitjant veure més. No sabia que l'Angela Bassett sortia, i m'alegro molt perquè des que la vaig veure a Strange Days m'ha agradat massa, i a més, justament, aquesta setmana he vist Malcolm X a on també surt.

    The Craft és un must seen ^^ a mi m'encantaven Neve Campbell (que també ha desaparegut prou... ) i la Fairuza, m'encantava aquí i a Almost Famous... no sé que ha sigut d'ella :(

    Practical Magic és una favorita meua també. A més a la meua amiga Esther també li encantan i més d'una vegada a sa casa de party hem fet "midnight margaritas" amb la cançó del Harry Nilsson i tot haha I just de les últimes vegades que la vaig veure em vaig adonar que sortia la Camilla Belle i Evan! Evan m'encanta molt, i Nicole Kidman per a mi a aquesta película és de les que més guapa la trobe, m'encantava com li quedava el flequillo i el cabell d'aquest color tan llarg. De fet jo el vaig portar fa uns anys així per ella!

    La d'Eastwick agree amb tot, encara que sí que té el seu punt que es bé tornar a veure-la. I Las brujas a veure si la veig prompte, encara que només siga per veure a l'Areces i al Segura així vestits haha

    A mí Suspiria també m'agrada molt. Totes les de les mares d'Argento, la d'Inferno també està bé, encara que Suspiria tracta més tot el tema eixe. I vull veure The Lords of Salem, perquè he vist que li han donat molt hype a veure què tal.

    un petó, Mar!

  2. Mmmm no sóc gaire de halloween, bàsicament perquè a casa meva sempre hem celebrat la castanyada. de pelis no n'he vist cap, ni hocus pocus jejej, la tinc pendent. el que m'encantaria començar a mirar és american horror story. m'en han parlat super bé i el cast és una passada.

    Petonets i bon finde x

  3. Ian a witch and would like to be burnt at the stake 07719571038