The rising Teen Pop Stars back then

When i did the post about today's Rising Teen Queens i didn't include any teen pop stars, mainly, because i lost track of today's teen idols – too old for that – but it reminded me of a bunch of super catchy pop songs i used to listen to back in the day. Two of them (Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore) were already on that cover so therefore, i made a list of the best tunes of those pop queens, no Britney or Christina songs as they already had established careers, but all of them are super guilty pleasures that even to this day, i still listen to some of them, no shame at all, they make me feel young.

I'm starting the list from "best" to "worse" because i'm afraid you wouldn't be listening to the whole thing backwards, i'm not posting videos except for #1 because the styling of the music video is gorgeous, and i highly recommend Mandy Moore's second album (no joke), because it's really good, take a listen!

1. Stacie Orrico 'Stuck'

2. Mandy Moore 'Crush'

3. Ashlee Simpson 'L.O.V.E.'

4. Hilary Duff 'So Yesterday'

5. Mandy Moore '17'

6. Hilary Duff 'Wake Up'

7. Ashlee Simpson 'Pieces of Me'

8. Jojo 'Get Out'

9. Kelly Clarkson 'Since You've Been Gone'

10. 'Too Little, Too Late'

sources: buzzfeed & youtube

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  1. La Hilary Duff m'encantava, tenia unes cançons genials. A la Mandy Moore no l'escoltava gaire però la bso de a walk to remember és preciosa i ella canta molt bé. a la kelly clarckson encara l'escolto a vegades, te una pedazo veu la tia...m'agrada molt.

    jo de vacances he estat uns dies a eivissa, platgeta i poc més, de relax. ara al setembre tornada a la uni, a veure si trobo una feineta de mitja jornada per compaginar-ho. quina pena que et quedis sense feina, la cosa està fatal. espero que surti algo tard o d'hora.

    petonets x