Orange is the New Black

Little did i know when i watched the first ep of 'Orange is the New Black' that i would like it so much. Like, i watched the first season in less than a week (there's only 13 episodes, but still). I'm really lazy when it comes to start watching new shows, but as i'm only watching three series this Summer – 'True Blood', 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Skins', which is over now – i needed something new before i started re-watching something like 'Laguna Beach' again, so i couldn't recommend this show more.

It's about a woman in her thirties who's convicted for a crime she committed 10 years ago and has to serve 15 months in prison, and that's as much as i can tell. It's a show with a lot of female characters, which is always a really great thing, and while it has a some drama, because life in prison is tough, it contains a lot of humour and really good twists, so please watch it because i need someone to discuss this with. So, to give you a taste of how this show is like, here's an epic scene, kinda spoilery if you haven't watched the pilot so, just in case, start watching from minute 0.13', "I threw my pie for you":

source: newsxbox & youtube

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  1. Jo estic mirant mil coses ara i no crec que tingui temps per començar aquesta. Abans vull veure game of thrones i skins. Jo ara estic amb the newsroom i fa poc he acabat scandal, les dues super recomanades. No estaves amb mad men també?

    petonets i bon estiu! marxes de vacances? xx