Skins: PURE

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Last two episodes of 'Skins' were about my absolute favourite character from the show, Cassie, and i was really looking forward to it. This time we see a Cassie all alone in London, lost, wandering around all by herself, avoiding home and her depressed dad and trying to find "something else". That's one of the things with Cassie, she always runs away from her problems, she ran away to New York after what happened to Chris and ran back whenever her story with a boy (now confirmed, Sid) had to end. Still the same old Cassie who doesn't see herlsef as beautiful, as someone worth looking at, and while her eating disorder has been left behind, she still doesn't see herlsef properly. That's why i mildly tolerate the stalking guy story, Jacob, it was a little bit creepy that someone was taking her picture without her even knowing but we see how that makes her feel flattered and finally, after seeing the reactions of everyone seeing her photos, she feels good about herself which is a huge step for her, and kinda a relief.

The issue of her eating disorder is explained as well during a conversation with Jacob, though it was kinda obvious in the first two seasons of the show, she felt invisible at home, her mom was all about the new baby and her dad only painted her mom, so she might as well try to fade away by not eating to see if they noticed her. Trying to starve herself to death was just another way to run away.

What i also liked from the second episode is that she went back home and finally faced her family's problems, her dad being drunk and sad while taking care of her little brother. She didn't step up and tried to be the kid's mom as her dad wanted her to, putting that extra stress on her, but gave him space to clear things up and took care of little Ruben while he was gone, as a big sister, not a mother. That was also good for her cause she wouldn't feel as alone in the city, instead of running for cover from one guy to the other one.

I really liked 'Pure', maybe it could have been better (there are so many people disappointed with this season), but i liked Cassie's closure, not a perfect happy ending, but a happy ending for her, indeed. Behind the cut, some precious stills from the two eps, because it's been oh wow, so lovely.

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