'Flowers in the Attic'

'Flowers in the Attic' is one of those books i've always loved, the story of four kids forced to hide in an attic locked away from the world by their very own mother, so twisted. My mom had all the books and i remember seeing the (lame) movie adaptation when i was little, but so much was lost in that movie from the book, mainly all the dark and twisted stuff that happens. i've always wondered why there wasn't a remake in the making for this book, out of all the unnecessary remakes that take place in Hollywood, this one should be taken into account; and i've always imagined that the perfect director for it would be Sofia Coppola, a story so similar to 'The Virgin Suicides', with kids trapped in their own homes (in this case, an attic, hidden from the outside world). She's even a book lover herself after making the shortfilm 'Lick the Star' all around the book, so it would had been perfection.

But now, Lifetime has announced the TV Movie adaptation of the book, starring Heather Graham as Corrine, the lousy mother, and Ellen Burstyn as the evil grandmother and this second casting choice is perfect. Burstyn was more than flawless in 'Requiem for a Dream', as well as in her complete filmography, but i've always loved that performance better, and i'm really excited about this TV movie. It would had been great if it had been a series of episodes because there's so much to the story but let's hope this turns out nicely. It won't air till next year so in the meantime, i'm posting Sofia Coppola's 'Lick the Star', her first try as a director, not a bad thing at all. Kill the rats:

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