Between Cut! and Action! Iconic behind-the-scenes photos of cinema productions (part l)

Martin Scorsese, Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone - Casino (1995)

Flavorwire has released a really excellent set of pictures of iconic filmmakers directing their stars and that just reminded me how much i love behind-the-scenes photos and decided to post all the ones i have (i have about 100 stored) so i'm gonna do a series of posts containing the ones i like best and some new ones that i've recently found. Because there's nothing more amazing that the magic of cinema and these photos really show it. Stay tunned for more behind-the-scenes posts.

Francis Ford Coppola on the set of 'Apocalipsis Now' (1979)

Woody Allen on the set of 'Annie Hall' (1977).

Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of 'The Royal Tenembaums' (2001)

More behind the cut:

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Spike Jonze and Max Records on the set of 'Where the Wild Things Are' (2009)

Lars Von Trier giving directions to Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafore in 'Antichrist' (2009)

Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst on the set of 'The Virgin Suicides' (1999).

Stanley Kubrick on the set of '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968).

Terrence Malick, Jessica Chastain and Latamie Eppler filming 'The Tree of Life' (2011).

Steven Spielberg directing Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' (1989).

Mia Farrow and Roman Polanski on the set of 'Rosemary's Baby' (1968).

Luc Besson and Jean Reno filming 'Léon' (1994).

Stanley Kubrick and Sue Lyon on the set of 'Lolita' (1962).

Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore on the set of 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestial' (1982).

Drew Barrymore directing 'Whip It!' (2009).

Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese on the set of 'Taxi Driver' (1976).

Ethan Coen on the set of 'True Grit' (2010).

Nicole Kidman filming 'The Hours' (2002).

Ellen Burtsyn and Darren Aronofsky on the set of 'Requiem for a Dream' (2000).

Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen on the set of 'Match Point' (2005).

Francis Ford Coppola and Winona Ryder on the set of 'Dracula' (1992).

John Hughes, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy on the set of 'The Breakfast Club' (1985).

Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp filming 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' (1998)

Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson's feet in 'Death Proof' (2007).

'E.T. The Extra-Terrestial' (1982)

Sofia Coppola directing Kirsten Dunst in 'Marie Antoinette' (2006).

Darren Aronofsky, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis filming 'Black Swan' (2010).

Wes Anderson on the set of 'Moonrise Kingdom' (2012).

David Lynch on the set of 'Inland Empire' (2006).

sources: flavorwire, everydayishow, suicideblonde, bohemea, nomoredramas


  1. Vaja post més genial! ♥
    La foto de la Wynona amb el Francis Ford sempre m'ha semblat adorable, m'encanten les de la Sofia amb Kirsten, tenen moltes genials juntes, les de Martin Scorsese i De Niro també m'agraden molt, i les del Wes Anderson, Lynch, Scarlett i Woody Allen, Malick, Tarantino, i la de Lolita és preciosa!

  2. I loved this post! thank you, the only image i had seen was the one with kiki and sofia.... but I got really excited thank you! :)