RIP Gossip Girl

(It contains spoilers, of course)

So, 'Gossip Girl' started being a really great show with lots of drama, backstabbing, rivalry, gossip, fashion... the first season was absolute perfection. Then, it went downhill with so many Chuck and Blair and their back and forth and Dan and Serena and their boring romance.

So, around season 3 (i think) the show took an interesting spin, with Dan's and Blair's friendship, something that i wouldn't think it would turn into something else but that it did and gave the show life after being the same old repetitive thing. But on the finale... after having a Blair Waldorf who was starting to be her own self, discovering that she didn't need an abusive relationship, who had someone who believed in her no matter what... she goes back to Chuck as her old insecure self! Why would the writers continue with an unhealthy relationship? he traded her for an hotel, nearly raped her and many more things that my Dan Humphrey would never do to her... it's like going back to the same old bullshit over and over again.

The final season will only have 11 episodes and by the looks of it, it won't end as it should. There are interesting things though, like Lily getting back with the immortal Bart Bass and turning into Cece Rhodes, the only legacy that matters. Or that Blair and Serena are back to being mortal enemies like in season 1. If Serena doesn't overdose first, thing that i would cherish. And Dan writing a fierce book from the root of his broken heart with the help of the always fantastic Georgina. But seriously, it's me who has a broken heart, when a show you love and still watch despite losing viewers each week does this über bullshit, it simply hurts to a tv show addict like me. If Dan and Blair weren't end game, why did they made them happen? Their scenes were precious, it looked like the show had a point with this couple and made you want to watch the full show over again to see their beginning, they made me want to have a boyfriend like Dan Humphrey, who i never did care about until now! And never ever i thought before that Blair Waldorf was the dumbest bitch. Until now.

I'm still going to watch the 6th season but this show is pretty much ruined. And my fave character as well.

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sources: seethesea & gombszem

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  1. Buah... crec que els gifs que has posat al final ho defineixen tot. La veritat és que em vaig quedar per la 2na temporada, però vaig veure fotos de la tercera, i pareixia que Blair i Chuck eren súper happy i ara veig que no :__ quin asco. Després vaig veure fotos de Dan i Blair i vaig dir: oh, què graciosos junts ^^ no sé perquè hauràn fet això de tornar enrere... crec que de vegades la gent dels series perd un poc el nord :S