Farewell Wisteria Lane

(Spoilers ahead!)
After 8 seasons, 'Desperate Housewives' is over! It's over for good and it couldn't have had a better ending. I wasn't all sad when i watched the finale, not like it happened to me with other shows i loved most like 'Sex & the City' or back then with 'My So-Called Life', mostly because i think the show has ended when it had to. It all began with this:

I didn't think the series had much more to give after solving the Mary Alice secret on season 1, and truth is it went downhill, but that 5 year gap they made after the end of season 4 was the best thing that happened to the show (as well as the casting of Vanessa Williams as Reneé years later), it gave the series a new direction and it was fantastic ever since.

Of course, the show finale had it's moments, Karen McCluskey saving Wisteria Lane! and then leaving it for good while listening to the song "Wonderful! Wonderful!" by Johnny Mathis <3 Or Lynette and Tom finally getting back together! Or that creepy ending, with Susan Delfino leaving while saying goodbye to all the people that died on the neighbourhood (with the obvious exception of Eddie Britt), this was a good old trademark of the show, those creepy moments between life and death that were so good at the beginning of the show. The only bad thing was the return of Katherine because honestly, did anyone care/like her character at all?

But anyway, the show will be missed (even though i could have done with a whole lot of less Susan Meyer) but its humour, the intrigue and, of course, the girls were the best thing.

-Are you happy now?
- I'm not unhappy.

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  1. I love your comments!
    My only disagreement is that I love Susan Meyer!

    Me va encantar el final, que li dona una estructura cíclica a tota la sèrie (comença semblant a com acaba) amb tot la temàtica de la vida i la mort. I encara et deixa amb una intriga final que no sé molt bé si vol dir que faran una espècie de spin off, una nova sèrie basada a Wisteria Lane, o simplement es un "open ending". T'has fixat que no mostren el futur de na Susan? Hem!...

    Una besada!