For there she was.

I don't think any book ending can compare to Virgina Woolf's 'Mrs. Dalloway', it's simply so beautiful, so unexpected and so perfect as a closure(?) of the story. I had the pleasure to study this work of art in my English Narrative class and never i expected to end up loving this book so much (i red 'Orlando' from the same author years ago but it didn't cause the same effect).

For those who haven't read it, this won't make sense and it won't spoil anything but for those who have... it has all the meaning in the world, such a beautiful conclusion.

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  1. He de llegir-lo, el tinc ahi apuntat per a la próxima vegada que vaja a la FNAC ^^ L'última adquisició que espero (ha anat ara a per ell el meu novio) és una colecció de poesia de Keats (L)