- What do you do? - I drive.

'Drive' has to be my favourite movie from 2011, i've said it before but this film really touched me to the core, to a point that if anyone says that they didn't like it or loved it, it hurts me, like for real. The love story, the development of Ryan Gosling's character, the music, is simply perfect. I don't want to heighten anyone's expectations because then you would watch it and end up thinking it isn't as great as expected but this is a total must-watch movie. And the soundtrack is also pretty amazing, starting with the opening credits, with 80s pink fonts and 80s music sounding courtesy by Kavinsky, this is what Daft Punk would sound like if they made music 20 years ago:

The following song by Desire is also fantastic, it appears during the movie's best moment, the elevator scene, and it shows the two faces of the driver, the sweetest one and the one where he would make anything to protect what's dear to him, no matter what, such a great song and one of the best music moments in films:

Now this has to be the best song from the movie, it appears when the protagonist drives Irene and her son around, beautiful moment in the movie, and it also appears at the end of the film, as a conclusion to understand that despite all, the Driver is simply: "A real human being and a real hero".

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  1. Great post! :) A mi també em va encantar... una passada de peli, crec que tot el món s'ha enamorat de Gosling amb aquesta actuació (que ja era hora, perquè és un actor molt gran ;)) I estic d'acord amb tot el que has posat :) Encara que a mí m'agrada més Under your spell que l'altra, però l'altra és genial tambén. El cap de setmana passat, el dijous va tancar el meu novio el pub on punxa amb Nightcall, i el dissabte amb l'altra, i tots el que hem vist la peli ahi tots emocionats a les 4 del matí :)