Power is just a shadow in the wall

New trailer for 'Game of Thrones'' season 2, and i'm trying not to write OMG but it's how best i can define how anxious i am to watch the second season, premiering on April 1st. And i'm already rooting for Sansa, i haven't read the books but i know she will turn into a badass and will get shit done, some may think she's silly but she's so far my fave GoT character, because there's nothing wrong for believing in prince charming and seeing everything pretty, she was raised to believe in that so don't blame her.

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All she wanted was for things to be nice and pretty, the way they were in the songs.

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  1. I really hated Sansa until the death of her father, but now Im on her side, obviously. I had no idea her character would change in the future, can hardly wait to see her turn into someone more like her mother. So exciting!

    My fav character has gotten to be Dany, I love everything about her.

  2. El trailer té molt bona pinta... tota la pell de gallina només de veure-lo ^^ haha. A mí Daenerys m'agrada molt... però crec que Sansa també és un paper interessant, sobre tot des que va morir son pare.