Gary Oldman let's do it

On the Prada Men's FW 2012 runway show in Milan, front row bitches were surprised when Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Jamie Bell, Tim Roth, Willen Dafoe, Emile Hirsch and Garrett Hedlund walked the runway along with the rest of male models, Ms. Prada wanted actors "to complete the total illusion of individuality (and royalty)" and hell they did. They couldn't have used better models for that. Some are born with it and others don't but gosh, Gary Oldman really knows how to walk the red carpet, what a fierce male model he is (does he do everything right?) and Adrien Brody is pretty close too, so enjoy this eye candy with all these fine men strutting their stuff:

(Actors start to appear on '1:30 and all together for the finale at 3:20')

Also, never forget:

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  1. Hahahah no sé com no havia vist aquest post ni el desfile, és genial! :D Gary Oldman va demostrar que tenia molt estil a Dracula... crec que cap altre actor podria haver sigut Dracula amb les blue sunglasses com ell, de veritat que estava genial ^^ Jamie Bell i Willem Dafoe (L) els veig genial també, especialmente Willem m'agrada moltíssim, i Tim Roth i Brody estàn molt graciosos.