Being boring

I remember years ago when going out was not questionable, you never stayed a Saturday night at home unless you were ill, had exams or were grounded, weekends nights were always a time to party, to wander around bars at night and dance a bit, you knew everyone who was going to be there and everybody was there. i remember seeing how people, with the years, started going out less and less and i was like, that's not going to happen to me, but it has, it comes with the age and it sucks, you feel like you're missing something but at the same time you don't feel like you belong there anymore. there are the occasional nights were you have a real good night and everything is nice but not on a weekly status anymore. and i can't help to remember this Pet Shop Boys' song when i promised back in the day that that would never happen to me.

"And we were never holding back or worried that
time would come to an end"

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  1. Maybe you are boring. But, are you bored? There´s a tiny but important difference...