Pete Yorn and Scarlett together are back together with 'Apart'

These are excellent music news and you have no idea how happy i am. Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson are collaborating again and releasing an EP called 'Apart' after their 2009 'Break Up' and these are wonderful news.

'Break Up' was an excellent EP full of catchy and lively songs about a couple's struggle of breaking things up and now, nine years later, they're back together with 'Apart' dealing with all the emotions that you go through when you're not living anymore with the person you used to be. Lots of sad and confused feelings in really hip songs as the first single 'Bad Dreams' is out and sounds amazing.

We'll have to wait for June 1st to listen to the rest of the tracks but in the meantime, watch the music vid for 'Bad Dreams' below and if you weren't familiar with him, get to know a little bit more about Pete Yorn with my 10 fave songs from him –including lots of the 'Break Up' EP, of course. Maybe you're not aware of it, but Pete and Scarlett back together is the best thing ever.

sources: albumism & youtube

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