'Dawson's Creek's 20th Anniversary Reunion

I didn't wanna miss posting these great photos of the 'Dawson's Creek' reunion, could i? This fantastic spread came out a few weeks ago on Entertainment Weekly and i simply loved all the pics. And it's seems like yesterday that we were watching Dawson and Joey analyzing their whole entire teenage era but it's been 20 years already.

I was a really huge fan of the Capeside kids, meaning that i followed their show really bad. I couldn't miss a thing and i loved their mature drama for their age. It's funny because back then i hated Joey and loved Jen, and now, as i'm re-watching the show all over again–and i've never have watched it once ever since it ended, things seem so different. I'm only up to Season 2 but now i understand Joey a lot more while i find Jen really boring with her continuous bad girl drama. I like Pacey a lot as well, while i think Dawson is the worst on the show, that hasn't changed. But it's interesting to see it now in my thirties, when back then i was their same age.

I'm surely going to make a post about 'Re-watching 'Dawson's Creek' 20 years later' as i did with 'The OC', or recently with 'Melrose Place', but in the meantime enjoy these gorgeous photos as i loved them all, especially that last shot of Michelle Williams with Busy Philipps, who was also one of my truly faves on the show.

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