'Heathers' TV Pilot

(Spoiler free!)
I've already talked about 'Heathers' reboot of the 1988 cult classic and how everything looked good though i didn't have too many expectations out of it. So, the pilot is out now and let me tell you it was... fuck me gently with a chainsaw, it was fantastic!

For a starters, the first few minutes of the show are, without giving away any detail, simply amazing for all those who loved the original Winona Ryder film, and from that on, it continues with the good. The show takes a lot from the movie but it has its own personality. Obviously, it's adapted to modern times but it mainly contains all the elements from the killer film: the Heathers, the lost girl, the tortured love interest. And while at first it seems that the plot leads the same path that followed the movie, there's a nice twist that makes everything better. And that's all i can say without revealing too much.

'Heathers' looks promising, and for those who miss 'Scream Queens' this is definitely a nice show to fill the void with (it even has the same background music). And the 'Mean Girls' lovers will also love it because of the bitchiness of the terrific Heathers and all the pop culture references –that Khloe Kardashian quote really won me over. It has a lot from the original flick, a little bit of 'Scream Queens', 'Mean Girls' and even 'Jawbreaker, so be sure to start watching this show because, isn't it just?

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