Cartier's Panthère ad directed by Sofia Coppola

I know i'm posting a lot of Sofia Coppola things lately but how could i not when everything is so gorgeous? The latest coming from her is directing the new Cartier ad for the brand's reintroduction of the jewelry watch Panthère, and the result is, as always, exquisite.

In the ad featuring Aussie actress Courtney Eaton, who i've only seen in 'Mad Mad: Fury Road', we can see how Coppola directs the relaunch of the 1980s' watch by fitting it into modern times with a lot of elegance and style, and it really works out. The advert is gorgeous and with a lot of taste, the music is very on point considering how it's a deluxe accessory from the 80s, and Courtney Eaton looks perfect while doing so.

So, enjoy the clip and a few more stills of the advert below.

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