Season Finales Recap Time!

Grey's Anatomy (Season 13) - This season of 'Grey's' has been a little... uninteresting? Like, don't get me wrong, i love the show and i don't care if nothing at all happens but this particular season hasn't had anything special that kept you attached like all the other ones. Even the finale was a bit off, like they tried to make this super tragic event at the hospital but i just wasn't feeling it. I'm going to still watch no matter what but we've got to admit it's slowly decaying when it used to be so great and had the best seasons finales ever. Let's hope Season 14 brings us a bit more back to that.

Riverdale (Season 1) -  The season finale of CW's 'Riverdale' was last week and it was surprisingly quite good but we've got to admit something: it's not what it used to be. When the show first aired, it looked soo good, like it seemed like it had so much potential and we were infront of the next best thing. But soon after the first few episodes, it wasn't as good and it became another teen show. I still like it and i'm still going to watch it but i felt they should have focused on the good, juicy and incestuous stuff like the Blossoms and go deep into that. But well, it was all about Betty and Archie and while everything was nice, it felt like it could had been all better. I was glad to see Luke Perry on it, though i don't think we'll see much from him in S2, and the young cast is quite great so let's hope it will surprise us with the second season.

Girlboss (Season 1) - I started watching 'Girlboss' because i had no shows left to watch and everyone was talking about it on my TL so i had to but at first, like everyone else, i kinda hate-watched it because the protagonist is so annoying. Like so annoying. But we've got to admit it depics the 00s quite well, showing important moments in history like the death of Marissa Cooper in 'The OC' and it perfectly shows the use of internet back then, at the beginning of it all. It's only after the mom's episode when you start to understand Sophia a bit more and tolerate her. The cheating incident also makes you feel for her, though i don't understand how she doesn't rip his head off. Anyway, the thing is that i want to watch more now and Season 2 seems to be a sure thing though there's nothing official yet.

New Girl (Season 6) - This show is always ok, like i always watch a few episodes in a row when i don't have anything else, and i always like it, but we all believed this was going to be its finale season. Jake Johnson himself even said so, so imagine the surprise when it was announced that it got renewed for a final season. I honestly think the ending of S6 was so perfect that it didn't need another season but maybe they will surprise us. But i'll keep on watching because if anything, they're they true soft version of 'Friends', and don't tell me that was 'Big Bang Theory' because it has been proven that it wasn't, so deal with it.

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