Leighton Meester & Madelaine Petsch for Bello Magazine

Two fine young actresses, Leighton Meester and Madelaine Petsch, have been on the cover of Bello Magazine (Leighton on the May issue and Madelaine on March) and both ladies are so gorgeous i had to post them here.

Leighton is a personal favorite of mine ever since she was on 'Gossip Girl' and i don't understand how she was the most brilliant thing on the show and still her career didn't really took off. I mean, she has been in a lot of indie projects and has been working non-stop but her co-star Blake Lively is the one who's getting bigger parts. I'm guessing Leighton doesn't really care about her star status and she also has her music career going on, but it's sad that they didn't offer her a better show than 'Making History', which has already been cancelled.

When it comes to Madelaine she has just started and just like Leighton, i already think she's the best thing on the show. We'll see what the future holds for these two starlets but in the meantime let's enjoy the pretty on Bello Mag (more at the source!)

sources: bellomagazine

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