Game of Thrones: Starks Reunited & Season 7 trailer

Starks reunited and it feels so good! Entertainment Weekly is treating us with what any 'Game of Thrones' fan dreams of: having all the Starks reunited at last. And while in the show we have so far two of them finally together (Jon and Sansa), and it seems that Arya is on her way to the North, is great to see these four at least posing together for a photoshoot. And there are four character covers out there for you to pick your favorite Stark.

And not only we can rejoice with these new pics, the trailer for Season 7 was released yesterday and it looks fantastic and things are getting intense as the ending approaches. I still have to make the Best Moments & Scenes post of Season 6 that will also serve as a reminder where things were left on the previous season but in the meantime, take a look at the trailer, enjoy these new pics and check out a bunch of new stills at the source (below).

sources: ew & youtube

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