'Girls' go 'Golden Girls' at Jimmy Kimmel

There are only two episodes left of 'Girls' and it's the final season ever so we haven't much left to see about Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna, so anything from them is priceless at this point. From photoshoots to interviews to whatever. So this next video is awesome.

Our 'Girls' reunited at Jimmy Kimmel Live for a really hilarious sketch recreating the 'Golden Girls' and they totally nailed it. I could totally see a show with them playing the same characters of the show when they're 70 and i bet it still would be great. But as that will never happen (though maybe Dunham in a few years wants to do something with the show) let's enjoy this really funny segment featuring Andrew Rannels as Elijah and Jimmy Kimmel himself. It's really, really great.

sources: jk & youtube

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