The cast of 'Twin Peaks' for Entertainment Weekly

This is amazing, this photoshoot is entirely outstanding. Because this is no joke, after 25 years it is happening again.

'Twin Peaks' returns in 59 days, less than two months from now and i can't hardly wait. I can't because i think this feels right, because David Lynch had all planned out and it can only be something extraordinary. The iconic 90s show marked a before and after for television and as its gloriousness is still present nowadays in many tv shows, it was only fair to bring it back. Because the fans deserved it and there's a lot to tell coming from Lynch.

The shoot reunites the show's iconic characters, from Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper and even Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne, my fave character who i definitely didn't expect coming back (as her character *spoiler* died at the end of the second season). But i'm so happy to see them all that i just want it to be May 22th to witness this fascinating thing.

Below i posted the three now iconic covers and after the cut some new stills from the new season and some on set pics, it's nice but sad to see Miguel Ferrer, who played Albert Rosenfield, and who sadly passed away at the beginning of this year, but it's gonna be nice to see his farewell performance, and where better than at 'Twin Peaks'. Check the all out, including David Duchovny back as Agent Denise Bryson, first transgender FBI agent on tv.

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