'Love' Season 2

I have to admit that i hate-watch this show, but i think that's pretty much the way to watch it. When the first season aired, Judd Apatow's show was described as the next best indie thing but after watching the first season, their purpose of being groundbreakingly different became too obvious. Because the relationship between Mickey and Gus is something we've already seen in two thousand other indie flicks, probably directed by Apatow himself. So, therefore, the expectations that the series created were totally a let down.

Well, i watched the first season because i seriously ran out of shows, so i skeptically was going to watch the second one without expecting too much and, surprisingly, it was so much better. The protagonists, and basically, any character that appears, are still pretty much annoying with no limit end, but somehow the situations created have become more understanding, and many times you could even relate. It's really confusing to explain but they became more tolerable and what they did, said and expressed made a little bit more sense. So i binge-watched the whole season in a weekend.

Season 3 has already been announced so we'll get more of Gus and Mickey and i actually i'm kinda looking forward to it, because this last season was a little bit more approachable than the first one. Let's hope it continues with the same formula as it did in s2 and they don't become as unrealistic as they were on s1. We'll have to wait to see that.

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