Black Mirror (3x01) Nosedive

Ever since last week i started binge-watching the hell out of 'Black Mirror' because you all were drooling about this show, especially after that 'San Junipero' ep that i haven't seen yet, but last night i watched 'Nosedive' and wow.

I remember that when it was aired there was many buzz about it, and as i saw some stills with Bryce Dallas Howard i knew it was this ep when it started but i did not expect what was coming out of this episode. Of course, after watching the first two seasons of the British show i can tell ahead watching a new episode that it's going to be a mess, referring that all stories go wrong in such a detrimental way, but this one has been particularly tough, because in a way it's so much like reality. Just like all the other eps, it depicts a close future where technology really overwhelms us, which i think is already happening through social media, but in the future we see on 'Black Mirror', everything is on the edge.

Directed by the brilliant Joe Wright, the story seems taken straight out of 'The Perfect Housewives Club' but with social media heavily involved, and it actually fits so much our reality nowadays where we are thriving for likes on instagram or nice comments on facebook that it's scary when you see it that way. I, personally, invest a lot on instagram sometimes and that can get to the point of not being fun when a photo is not appreciated enough, but i don't let that change my mood. But it could, and i'm sure it does to some people. That's what i sort of like about 'Black Mirror' even though it's always depressing, that it's a tough picture of what the future might look like soon enough.

Anyway, as i finish this third season i just wanted to reflect on what has been so far, my favorite episode to date. Of course i will comment on them all once i do but in the meantime, check out my pal's Un marino en la orilla blog (in Spanish) about another episode that i also liked a lot, the Christmas special at the end of season 2. But as always, check out some pretty stills of this very bittersweet story below and don't forget to rate me!

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