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As you can see i'm infatuated with 'The Young Pope' ever since i watched it last week and apart from the amazing photography, the locations, the acting of superb actors and the brilliant direction, the soundtrack really stands out. Obviously there are many instrumental songs meant for a mass, but there are many others that i have discovered and fell in love with. Besides the 'Sexy and I know it' song by LMFAO that hilariously appears in a scene, the rest are quite great so below i'm posting my faves. There are some that are Italian and it's so gorgeous to sing in Italian when you nearly understand everything, it's such a beautiful language.

Enjoy and discover some amazing tracks below that really created amazing music moments and listen to the complete soundtrack here.

Nada - Senza un Perché
This is, as i've already mentioned before, everyone's favorite on the show. And how not, the song is really catchy, the lyrics are somehow sad but it has something really nice about it that i love to sing along. I've added the actual scene where it appears at the end of episode 4 because it's such a nice ending. One of those iconic music moments that Paolo Sorrentino effortlessly creates.

Lotte Kestner - Halo
This song is obviously a cover of the stunning Beyonce ballad, but somehow this version is so beautiful and so heartfelt. You can hear it during one of my fave scenes on the show, when the Pope gives his amazing speech in Africa that i added in the review post, and it's simply such an amazing scene where the song fits perfectly.

Flume feat. Kai - Never Be Like You

And this is the other fave song from mine from the other speech that i posted in the review post, with a scene that melts your heart with every "My love" that Jude Law says. The song is equally great and gives you hope, as the words the young Pope says along in the most beautiful scene of the show.

Levo - Recondite

This instrumental tune plays along the majority of the series' episodes and it's really catchy and cool. It served somehow to conduct many of the scenes in the first half of the season and it can't be listened without thinking about it.

Antonello Venditti - Non Ci Sono Anime
This is another of the soundtrack's Italian songs that i just love to sing out loud. Also, the song is so powerful that i had to add it here.

Devlin - Watchower (instrumental)
And finally how not to add here the song used as a theme song for the show? Not only is a powerful track but serves to get a taste of what's coming, something good, unseen before and revolutionary as the pope himself. Brilliant opening.

There are a bunch of other great songs in the OST like 'Kissing Disease' by Melodium, 'Logan's Loop' by Andrew Bird or Post Pines' 'Simma', along with other more well known songs from Jefferson Airplane or Belle & Sebastian, so give this soundtrack a listen because it's so worth it, like the show.

sources: youtube

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